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Activities in the area

The Agriturismo is located on a hilly area, where it is possible to trek in the forest on the meadows of  Pras de Mont.   There is also the chance to cycle around, in contact with nature.
The following list of activities are just to give an idea of the possibilities that are offred in the area.


In Arzino's Valley there are many possibilities to climb. There is also the chance to climb the Glemine Mountain which is located next to the town of Gemona del Friuli  and on another mountain in the nearby town of Trasaghis, in the area of Somplago, from where it is possible to enjoy a wonderful view on the Cavazzo Lake.

Walking Excursions

Starting from the small village of Cornino, which is part of Forgaria, or even from Forgaria itself, it is possible to reach Monte Prat on foot, by following the old pathways through the forest. From Monte Prat it is also possible to reach on foot M. Corno.
The Monte Cuar can also be reached from Trasaghis (Avasinis).
Very interesting as it is not so far away is the   Arzino's Valley. In the area there are many possibilities to practice different kind of sports, e.g. climbing, kayak, horse riding and mountain-bike, and it is a well known area for pic nics...
Many beautiful walks and cycle tour can be made on the hills of Gemona del Friuli  and Bordano.

Riding Sports

There is a ranch nearby the Agriturismo ...If someone is interested in learning how to ride, lessons are held at the Ranch.


In the town of Fagagna, it is located one of the most important Golf Club in Friuli   the Golf Club Udine it is 5.935 m. long, (PAR 72, S.S. 72) with 18 holes golf course, immerged in a beautiful park on the hills of Fagagna.  If someone is interested in learning how to play Golf, lessons are held at the Golf Club. Services which are offered at the Golf Club include: putting green, pitching green, pro-shop, bar-restaurant, renting materials and Golf Carts rental.

Mountain Bike

There are many chances to cycle in the surrounding area of the Agriturismo for bike lovers and their families.


It is possible to practise this sport from Tarcento and Gemona del Friuli, on the Monte Quarnam,  15 Km away from Susans and to learn how to fly with a paraglide.

Water Sports

On the  Cavazzo Lake it is possible to practise many water sports, from pedal boat to sailboats, there is also the chance to learn how to sail with sailboats.
It's also interesting as birdwatching area.
It is possible to practise Kayak  on the Arzino's stream and on the river Tagliamento with your own private kayaks.
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