Our History - Alloggio Agrituristico "All'Antica Scuderia del Castello"

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Our History

In 1940 the castle along with all its property was purchased by the two brothers Antonio and Pietro Zuliani for ITL 1.100.000, euro 568.10. They had just come back from Colombia, were they had made a fortune by working in a gold mine.
They bought the castle, together with the nearby fields, the stables building and 174 hectares of fields and forest, from the Count Rudolf IV, Count of Susans and Marquis of S. Sofia and Recanati.
The two brothers divided the property in two parts: Pietro got the castle and part of the fields. Antonio got the stables of the castle, where he later decided to move with his family, the forest and the rest of the fields.
Since 1940 the building, where once were housed the stables of the castle underwent many changes, even architectural ones, due to the needs of the agricultural company and to the 1976 earthquake.
At Antonio's death in 1969, his daughter, Maria Luisa, inherited all the properties and took control over the agricultural company together with her husband, Valter Giacomuzzi.In 2001 they opened the agriturismo and in 2003 their daughter, Barbara, returning from abroad, started working together with her mother in the agriturismo. In 2007 Barbara started managing it by herself.
During the years the agricultural company changed many times its plantations, e.g. vineyards, maize, poplars, and olive groves.
Nowadays it houses plantations of olive groves, which are the northest olive groves in Friuli.
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