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Eat well and drink better in FVG

The traditional cuisine of Friuli distinguishes itself from those of the rest of Italy, since all foreign domination occurring over the centuries has left its gastronomic heritage. Differences exist even within the region itself: in Carnia a typical dish is ”Cjalcions", sweet tortelloni, while San Daniele is famous worldwide for its cured ham, and in Cividale you can taste a typical cake called “Gubana” served with Slivovitz.
In Friuli you can taste some excellent salami and ham: San Daniele cured ham, Sauris speck and the less famous but still delicious Cormòns cured ham, the Friulan duck salami, and the “pitina”, a special kind of salami of the Pordenone area.
In Friuli you will find also some excellent cheese, the most famous of which is Montasio, a cheese you can try both fresh and aged, depending on your preference.
The typical dish of Friuli is called Frico and it is made with Montasio cheese and potatoes. There are also many typical dairy products in Friuli, such as “ricotta affumicata”, “formadi frant” and “formaggio Asìno”.
The food in Trieste is very different from the rest of Friuli, as Trieste was for a long period part of the Hapsburg empire. The cuisine is more like that of central Europe, featuring typical dishes such as “jota”, a soup with Celtic origins, which was originally was prepared with beans and cabbage, or cooked ham served with horseradish.
Friuli is famous worldwide for its white wines and the red ones are also very good.
If you have an interest in wine, in Friuli you can also taste some excellent local wines.  Among the red wines: “Pignolino”, “Refosco dal peduncolo rosso”, “Schioppettino” and “Forgiarin”.  Local white wines:  “Scjaglin”, “Ucelut”, “Friulano” (formerly known as Tocai), “Ramandolo”, “Verduzzo”, and “Picolit”.
Another typical product of Friuli is “grappa”, a brandy produced using grape marc, stems and seeds of the grapes after the juice is used to make wine. The grape marc is distilled and then processed to become grappa, an elegant elixir that will delight the palate of the most demanding

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